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Having children after treatment

Some cancer treatments can affect a woman’s ability to have a child (her fertility).

If you wish to have children now or think you might in the future, it is very important to talk to your team of specialists before your treatment begins. There have been many advances in fertility treatments. Options for preserving your fertility may include:  

  • Surgery to protect your ovaries from treatments  
  • Fertility-sparing surgery  
  • Embryo banking/freezing  
  • Egg banking/freezing; ovarian tissue banking/freezing.  

Not all options will be suitable for all women and some women may not be able to use any of them. Several factors will affect your choices for fertility preservation before and after treatment for ovarian cancer.  

These include:  

  • Age
  • The stage of your cancer
  • The type of treatment planned.

For more information, ask a member of your healthcare team to refer you to a local fertility preservation service. If you have more advanced epithelial ovarian cancer, your treatment will most likely involve removal of both your ovaries and your uterus and you will not be able to become pregnant. You may have an overwhelming sense of loss and feel angry and cheated. Talking about your feelings and getting some emotional support can help you deal with your loss. You may also want to speak with your specialist about other options for having children, such as adoption and surrogacy.  

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