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Types Of Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Types Of Treatment

Information on the different types of treatment for ovarian cancer. Information on surgery, chemotherapy and other forms of ovarian cancer treatment.

Different Types Of Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Whatever the stage of your cancer, your multidisciplinary team of expert doctors and nurses will discuss which treatment is best for you.
The type of treatment you have will depend on:

  • the type of ovarian cancer you have

  • the size of the tumour and how far it has spread (the stage of the cancer)

  • how aggressive your cancer is (how quickly cancer can grow and spread)

  • your age

  • your general health and fitness level.

The below information details different types of ovarian cancer treatment; such as surgery, chemotherapy, biological therapies, radiotherapy and personalised medicine.

Not everyone will have the same treatment for their ovarian cancer. While initial treatment may be similar, maintenance therapy and access to other drugs will be different from person to person. Your doctor will work out your treatment with your multidisciplinary team based on the stage and grade of your cancer as well as what is best for you.

Get your own ovarian cancer nurse

Our free Teal Support Program is available to people diagnosed with ovarian cancer and provides you with your own ovarian cancer nurse to support you through diagnosis, treatment and beyond. 

More Information

More information on ovarian cancer treatment, such as planning ovarian cancer treatment or life after treatment.

Planning Your Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Your doctor will work out your treatment based on the stage and grade of your cancer as well as what is best for you. They will discuss all your treatment options in detail with you. They will discuss the benefits as well as the possible side effects. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – it is important you understand all your options.

Personalised Medicine and Targeted Treatment

Personalised medicine is a growing area of ovarian cancer research and treatment. Below you will find some more information on what personalised medicine is, and some information on current programs around Australia looking at personalised medicine in ovarian cancer.

Life After Ovarian Cancer Treatment

The period of time after treatment has finished is sometimes called Life After Cancer.  This term isn’t the only one people use.  Some people like the word Survivorship, others prefer terms such as Life following treatment or Life after treatment.

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