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Online support groups

Online Support Groups

Evidence shows that people who join a group suffer less anxiety, feel less isolated and are better able to cope with cancer and its side effects.

Along with our face-to-face support groups, Ovarian Cancer Australia offers monthly online support groups for people who may prefer to join online, or who may live outside of a metropolitan area.

Many people find meeting with others in a similar situation helps them realise their responses are ‘normal’ and that other women are going through similar experiences.

Attending support groups can also be a good opportunity to learn more about your own situation and strategies for dealing with the challenging times, but to also socially share the support of other women.  We are always extending the invitation for newly diagnosed women to join us, however the group is open to people at any stage of their cancer journey.

Tele Support Group

Our facilitated tele-support group meetings provide an opportunity for people impacted by ovarian cancer to connect with others experiencing a similar situation, gain information about diagnosis and treatment, and learn about other support options.

OCA provides this service to help reduce the isolation and distress felt by people diagnosed with ovarian cancer across Australia; as statistics show that women living in rural, remote and very remote areas find it far more difficult to access support and information.

The tele conference uses an online video plaform, as well as a toll free number which enables equity of access, regardless of where you live in Australia and the groups are facilitated by OCA Support team members and other health professionals.

The Tele support group is held on the third Monday of every month at 2pm AET

Thank you for referring me through to your telesupport service, it has connected me to women who have walked a similar path to me and these sessions give me great comfort

Tele support group member

Younger Women's Network

Ovarian cancer is more common in older women, with most cancers affecting women over the age 50. This can mean younger women with ovarian cancer may feel isolated and feeling their specific needs and concerns are not being addressed.

The Younger Women's Network is an online facilitated support group for people diagnosed with ovarian cancer under the age of 50. The group is held on the fourth monday of each month from 7pm to 8pm AET. The group allows younger women an opportunity to meet others going through similar experiences.

Laura, Younger Women's Network Member

One of the most difficult things about having ovarian cancer as a young woman is the sense of isolation; feeling like the odd one out with the ‘wrong’ type of cancer and at the ‘wrong’ age. I am so excited about this new program because it will enable young women to connect with each other, and to access support that is both cancer-specific and age-appropriate. Nothing else like it currently exists, so this program will make a huge difference.

Male Partners Support Group

The Male Partners Program is a program to support male partners of women with ovarian cancer. It has resulted from emerging research undertaken by OCA and Monash University which identified unmet needs for male partners of women who have ovarian cancer. This program was initially funded by the Dry July Foundation.  

We know that partners too, experience their own grief and loss, when witnessing and supporting their partners through an ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment.  We understand the changes to relationships and roles that partners fullfill  as well as psychological, social, financial and physical burden

The Male Partners Support Group is a monthly online facilitated support group which connects partners of women with ovarian cancer together. The group allows members to share, talk and meet others who are going through similar experiences.

The group meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm AET.

You can sign up to the group by visiting our dedicated Male Partners Program webpage or by filling out the request form below:

Everyone in the group has the same problems and issues I have. They all have different ways of coping with it and different ways of looking at it. It’s nice to have someone else say what they did especially if it would help me do something good for Sue.


How do I join a support group?

In order to join one of our online support groups, or to find out more information, please contact our helpline on 1300 660 334 (Monday-Friday during business hours AET) to speak with one of our support nurses. You can also fill out the form below and one of our nurses will be in touch with you to discuss further.

This call is an opportunity for us to answer any questions that you may have, or talk about any fears that you may have about joining a group. We will provide you with more information on the location and time of the support groups, as well as direct you to one of our online support groups if you are unable to attend one of our face-to-face locations.

Private Facebook Support Group for people living with ovarian cancer

Our private Facebook Support Group is a safe space and confidential to the outside world. Only members of the group can see any posts. The group is monitored daily by our ovarian cancer nurses (during business hours) and aims to be a friendly and supportive space to connect with each other, gather credible information and ask our team of health professionals any questions you may have.

Just knowing there is hope and women who understand, truly understand, is just what I need

-Clara, Member of the Private Facebook Support Group

Private Facebook Support Group for Carers, Family and Friends

This private Facebook Support Group is for carers, family and friends of those who have received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer to connect and share their experiences in a safe and confidential space. 

For those who are seeking individual bereavement or grief support, please contact our support team via our Helpline on 1300 660 334 (during business hours AET).

Want to talk?

Ovarian Cancer Australia's Helpline is available to call 9am - 5pm AET Monday to Friday 

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