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OCA's new Support Program for Male Partners

Ovarian Cancer Australia is excited to announce our new 12-month pilot program to support male partners commencing January 2021. Proudly supported by Dry July Foundation, this support program is aimed at male partners of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

Partners too, experience their own grief and loss, when witnessing and supporting loved ones through an ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment. Despite the large number of Australian male partners, they receive less support.  

Emerging evidence conducted by Ovarian Cancer Australia with Monash University suggests the psychological impact this has on partners can include:    

  • feeling sad 

  • down or depressed 

  • anxious 

  • fear of ovarian cancer recurrence 

  • helping your loved one manage symptoms 

  • helping your loved one emotionally 

  • knowing how to take care of your loved one 

  • communicating with your loved ones, family member, doctors and health care team 

  • worried about the future 

  • adjusting to changed roles and responsibilities 

  • practical worries such as finances and work, care of children 

Managing your well-being by getting formal support can help you care for your loved ones better. To make sure you get the support you need, we provide: 

  • Online monthly information sessions  

  • Information and fact sheets 

  • Educational webinar/s  

  • Telephone counselling support and advice 

If you have any questions or need support, please contact our Senior Social Worker, Angela Jones on 0492 962 984. You can also email us on psychosocial@ovariancancer.net.au to arrange a suitable time to talk or fill out the form below. 

If you are a female carer/partner, please contact one of our ovarian cancer nurses on 1300 660 334 (9am – 5pm AEDT), email support@ovariancancer.net.au or visit our support groups to find the right support option for you.  

Male Partners Advisory Group

The Male Partners Advisory Group is continuing to meet to ensure that this program meets the needs of what is important to a male partner of a woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

If you are passionate about being involved or know someone who might be, please contact Angela Jones, our Senior Social Worker on 0492 962 984 (9am – 5pm AEDT) or express your interest via email to angela.jones@ovariancancer.net.au  

If you want to connect online with other male partners of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, join OCA Connect

Join the Male Partners Program

19 January 2021
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