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Our Impact

Each day, our team work to create better outcomes and ensures no women with ovarian cancer walks alone.

In the last 5 years


women received personalised support from their own ovarian cancer nurse through our Teal Support Program.


women, partners, family and friends impacted by ovarian cancer received advice and information through our support services.


specialised ovarian cancer support workers at OCA including ovarian cancer care nurses, a social worker, and a counsellor.


women received our Resilience Kits helping us support approximately 80% of women diagnosed, 5 times more than in 2016.


in government funding secured to progress the Ovarian Cancer National Action Plan including the national ovarian cancer clinical quality register.


families provided with access to genetic testing, ensuring more people can access proactive prevention treatment.

National Action Plan

Launched in 2020 to set out a roadmap to reduce the incidence, increase the survival rate and improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Australia.


3 million

Australians made aware of ovarian cancer and the support offered for those impacted by this disease by OCA through our PR, social media campaigns, community fundraising, and our generous corporate partners. 

Saving lives

Ovarian Cancer Australia prides itself on being visionary, persistent and leading by example; advocating for those affected by working collaboratively to make ovarian cancer a national priority.

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Supporting women

Ovarian Cancer Australia's is responsive of the personalised needs of all those affected by ovarian cancer delivering tailored, evidence-based and accessible support and information free of charge to all Australians impacted.

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Millions aware

Ovarian Cancer Australia leads the effort in making all Australians aware of ovarian cancer, its statistics and the optimal care pathway to help bring much needed attention to the disease and improve outcomes.

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