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National Action Plan

Ovarian Cancer Australia and stakeholders have launched a National Action Plan for Ovarian Cancer Research.

The National Action Plan for Ovarian Cancer Research sets out a roadmap for tackling ovarian cancer research to make a significant change for women now and future generations.

This groundbreaking National Action Plan is aimed at providing a strategic framework for transparent and accountable investment in ovarian cancer research to ensure available funds are used to optimal effect and act as a catalyst to drive further, much needed investment.

This is the first time a national plan has been developed for ovarian cancer, providing a priority-driven focus for investment, unifying the efforts and providing a blueprint for researchers and funders from around Australia. It also includes a Charter, setting out principles for ovarian cancer research excellence and calls for researchers to align with these.

The National Action Plan has been developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders in the ovarian cancer field – including women living with the disease – and provides a roadmap setting out research priorities across a number of areas, including biology and origin, prevention, treatment, detection and control. It outlines strategic activities for funding, as well as conducting, supporting and evaluating research. In particular the National Action Plan highlights that the latest research shows that we now know that ovarian cancer is not just one disease but a range of diseases with different cellular appearances, different molecular characteristics, and different trajectories. This new knowledge has not yet translated into new treatments or improved outcomes: the Plan identifies the critical pathways towards achieving this.

In August 2019 Ovarian Cancer Australia united with the Australian New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) and The Australian Society of Gynaecologic Oncologists (ASGO) and over 50 researchers and clinicians from the sector to work on refining and refreshing the National Action Plan. A refined National Action Plan ensures we as a collective can pave the best way forward for the disease. We want to ensure that all women with ovarian cancer are at the heart of this five-year plan and given the opportunity to shape its direction.  The revised National Action Plan is due to be published in June 2020

To learn more, download the first National Action Plan below.

  Executive Summary

Download the National Action Plan for Ovarian Cancer Research (2015 – 2020)