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Workplace Giving - Wynstan

Our partners play a significant role in helping us continue working towards our vision — to save lives and ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone. 

Wynstan have been a partner of Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) since 2016 and have engaged their employees in the relationship from the start through workplace giving. 

Over this time, employees have contributed around $13,000 annually from their weekly pay - that’s more than $60,000 - this is in addition to the donation that comes from Wynstan the business.

Wynstan has been manufacturing in Australia for over 53 years and is now recognised as Australian Made and Owned which can be spotted by the green and gold kangaroo. They are proud to support the Australian manufacturing industry and provide Aussie jobs!

We sat down with Operational Director, Andrew Turner, to talk about the benefits to this program.

Why do Wynstan offer Workplace giving to their employees? 

My family knows firsthand the devastating impact that ovarian cancer can have on a loved one and their family. Margaret Turner, my mother, lost her battle with ovarian cancer and as the matriarch of Wynstan we feel it’s only fitting that we support OCA in all the amazing work that you do. As part of our decision to choose OCA as our community partner, we extended the opportunity for our Wynstan staff and contractors to be a part of this commitment and donate a small proportion of their wages to such a great cause. Our partnership with OCA really does span across our whole business from our staff through to our customers.

Do you have a stand-out employee you would like to highlight? And why do they continue to be so gracious year on year? 

There’s not one “stand-out” employee at Wynstan, we’re such a team and committed to our partnership from the showroom team and the staff who go out of their way to sell the OCA merchandise by walking the streets outside their showroom during OCA Month to our staff and their partners who give generously during our Morning Teal activities whether it be their kids baking cupcakes for the Morning Teal or partners buying tickets in the raffle, it truly is a group effort.

Do you have any advice on how to engage your employees with the workplace giving program?

Our Workplace giving program is introduced to our new starters when they commence their Wynstan journey, it forms part of our onboarding process to understand who our community partners are and why we choose OCA. The “giving” component however stretches beyond the decision to financially contribute part of their wage each week as there is opportunities to give back throughout the year, whether it be to sell the OCA Merchandise at the Wynstan showrooms, participate in our Morning Tea by baking a cake or buying some snacks, participating in our raffle, there really is a lot of opportunities for inclusion in our community partnership and we’re proud and honoured to have such a generous team at Wynstan.

If your workplace is interested in supporting Ovarian Cancer Australia through a workplace giving program, please reach out to fundraising@ovariancancer.net.au

Thank you to Wynstan for their invaluable, ongoing support.

16 September 2021
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