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Alannah's story

At just 16, a cancer diagnosis was the last thing on Alannah’s mind.

She was a happy and healthy Year 10 student when she was diagnosed with ovarian dysgerminoma, a rare type of ovarian cancer.

“I had some small symptoms for about six months – just some cramping and leg pain and migraines, just things you wouldn’t connect,” says Alannah.

For Alannah and her Mum Kaye, the diagnoses had a major impact on them both.

Our first emotion was disbelief. We have both spent many months off work and school and it had a huge impact on the whole family."

“One moment that will stick with me is watching my partner shave her head when her hair fell out. It was just heartbreaking,” she says.

Alannah had to undergo chemotherapy and laparotomy surgery to remove her right ovary and fallopian tube. Alannah is now in remission and has returned to school.

For Kaye, Alannah’s diagnoses has brought them closer together.

“Alannah is the bravest young woman I know. We definitely had some struggles but are now looking towards the future. She would like to become a nurse like me.”

04 May 2020
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