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Taking part as a team member is a great way to stay motivated. Get your family, friends or colleagues to join your team.


How do I create a team?
How does someone join my team once it's set up?

Once you have set up a team page, click on ‘Invite Members’ and start adding your friends’ email addresses. This will send them an invitation and instructions on how to join your team!

I've already registered as an individual, how do I join a team?
I have registered a team, do we need to physically walk together?

While it may help to workout together to keep each other motivated, you don’t have to work out together. This challenge is about making it work for your lifestyle!

Can I change my team fundraising target? 

Yes, you can. Go to your fundraising profile and click on ‘Customise page’ and type in the amount you wish to raise in the ‘target amount’ field and hit ‘Update’.

How do we track out kilometres?

During the challenge (1-30 November), you'll be able to track your distance automatically by using a Strava account with your smartphone. This will automatically sync your kilometers to your Workout 4 Women distance goal.

Remember to adjust your team kilometre goal to 120km x the number of people in your team to get the total team goal.

Learn how to set up Strava and track your kilometres.

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