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Impact - Millions aware

Our purpose

Ovarian Cancer Australia leads the effort in making all Australians aware of ovarian cancer, its statistics and the optimal care pathway to help bring much needed attention to the disease and improve outcomes.

Why ovarian cancer needs everyone’s attention

In Australia, awareness of the disease itself, its signs, symptoms, and risk factors are very low. Most women diagnosed say that they had not heard about the disease before their diagnosis; and, over half the population believe that a cervical screening test detects ovarian cancer. It does not. There is no screening tool. The most alarming statistic is that; due the symptoms being so vague and often attributed to other conditions; an ovarian cancer diagnosis takes an average of 32 weeks. Ovarian Cancer Australia leads prevention programs and works with the Australia and New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) to help educate medical students in the Survivors Teaching Students Program.

Over the years, many women affected with ovarian cancer have passionately used their voices to raise awareness advocate for change. They do this because they feel unacceptably underrepresented. Unlike other cancers that have thousands upon thousands of survivors raising awareness and funds each year, unfortunately ovarian cancer has only hundreds of survivors. Ovarian Cancer Australia leads both the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month every February and World Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8th each year to ensure the “teal” flag is flown on behalf of all those affected. We help rally together the ovarian cancer community, our partners, and the whole of Australia to help amplify the voices of all those affected past and present.

Over the past year...

Public relations media coverage


Australians reached annually due to our Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Campaigns including newspapers, radio, television, magazine and online coverage.

Social media following


individuals follow OCA on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our community is highly engaged. We reach in excess of 1.3 million social media impressions during our key campaigns.

Community fundraising 


people attend community fundraising events across Australia each year, coming together to raise awareness in their communities and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

People reached via influencers


of people reached via social media influencers. With the help of high profile ambassadors for our campaigns we have spread our message further via increased reach.

GP & medical student awareness


volunteers teach future health professionals about the importance of detecting and diagnosing ovarian cancer via Survivors Teaching Students. This program is run by ANZGOG in affiliation with OCA. OCA also sends awareness kits out into the community.

Retail and corporate event attendees


people attended retail and corporate events. Our partners and corporate supporters hold various fundraising events to help raise awareness through communities nation-wide.

Teal merchandise & products


teal ribbons have been distributed over the past 5 years. Over 1 million other "teal" items are produced each year via our partners including underwear, leggings, flowers with a teal ribbon, wrap packets and scarves.

Electronic Direct Mail database


individuals are on our database. Our campaigns reach the desired audience immediately and have strong engagement.

I don't want any other woman to experience the loneliness, confusion and fear that I felt during my diagnosis. To this day, it's a feeling I can't describe."


Ovarian cancer survivor