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Impact - Supporting Women

Our purpose

Ovarian Cancer Australia's is responsive of the personalised needs of all those affected by ovarian cancer delivering tailored, evidence-based and accessible support and information free of charge to all Australians impacted.

Why women need our support

When faced with an ovarian cancer diagnosis women also find the statistics extremely confronting. The fact that the five-year survival rate is just 46% and more than 70% of those in late stages will experience a recurrence; sees more than 40% suffering clinical depression or anxiety. Ovarian Cancer Australia gives these women access to face-to-face ovarian cancer nurses from the point of diagnosis. We provide them with access to evidence based information and support. We are here to provide much needed hope by ensuring they are aware of the latest research developments, new treatments and clinical trials.

Women living with ovarian cancer also tell us the experience is often very isolating and they feel very vulnerable. Due to its low incidence (just over 1500 diagnosed each year) compared to most other cancers; women often feel alone with their diagnosis as they are unlikely to know anyone else in their community with the disease. Whether it is via direct support or helping create connections with other women affected; Ovarian Cancer Australia is there to ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

Over the past 5 years...

Resilience kits


women received resilience kits - a support guide to living with ovarian cancer. The kits contain valuable information to guide women through their journey.

Calls to Helpline


people called the Ovarian Cancer Australia 1300 phone line requesting information support and referrals.

OCA Connect


people joined OCA Connect since it's inception. The online community forum connects people affected by ovarian cancer, often reducing the feeling of isolation.

Support groups


people registered to attend cancer support forums across Australia. These forums are tailored to ovarian cancer specific topics and access to much needed resources.

Information requests


women and their families have received or accessed support resources including; resilience kits, support groups and calls to helpline.



people registered to attend various webinars. Based on consumer needs, these sessions are topical to educate, inform and support women living with ovarian cancer and their families.



people received support emails including specific information to suit their individual needs.

Online support 


Australians come to our website for support each year with family and friends of those affected saying it is their No.1 source of information.

Having had ovarian cancer at the age of 31, I felt isolated. The Resilience Kit, brought such comfort after my diagnosis. It was a great source of positive and accurate information during my treatment. There is so much misinformation out there... so having a reliable source is vital."

Francine Marques

Ovarian cancer survivor