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Introducing our 2020/21 Annual Report

Introducing our 2020/21 Annual Report

In our latest annual report, we reflect on our 20th year and thank you, our wonderful community for your unwavering support. While Ovarian Cancer Australia sprang from humble beginnings, our founders’ aspirations have led us to become the leading national body taking action for Australians affected by ovarian cancer.

Some of the highlights of 2021 include:
Broadening our supportive care team to include not only our Helpline nurses, but also a social worker, research manager and our team of Teal Support Nurses.
- Expanding our support to partners of people with ovarian cancer with the launch of the Male Partners Program.
- Expanding our support group network, with the launch of a new support group in Brisbane.
- Greater ability for those with ovarian cancer to connect personally with our team of health professionals through the launch of our new supportive Facebook group.
- A successful submission to eviQ, who now recommend all women with certain subtypes of ovarian cancer, regardless of age at diagnosis, have genetic testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.
- Our second Teal Ribbon Giving Day raising $1 million.
Read about these achievements, and more in our 2020/21 annual report.

Read the 2020/21 Annual Report 

29 November 2021
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