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Introducing our 2019/20 Annual Report

We're proud to release our 2019/20 Annual Report.

This year has been a year like no other. The challenges of 2020 have placed extraordinary pressures on Australian charities, and like many organisations, we were impacted by COVID-19.

Despite these challenges, Ovarian Cancer Australia has had an incredible year of achievements, with our support, advocacy, fundraising and awareness all thriving.

This year, we quickly shifted towards the new normal by increasing our telehealth capacity and taking our work, including fundraising, onto a digital platform.

The effects of COVID-19 were felt by women with ovarian cancer and their families and calls to our helpline doubled over the course of the pandemic. Our community had many extra challenges such as grappling with increased isolation and new concerns about whether their treatments would be able to continue. Our professional nursing and counselling service provided information, connection, support and reassurance.

We were honoured to be awarded the HESTA Nursing and Midwifery Award for ‘Outstanding Organisation’, a great accolade for our whole team. All of these achievements speak to our unwavering commitment and leadership in delivering individualised and evidence-based support to all those affected by ovarian cancer.

We’re proud to release our 2019/20 Annual Report and hope you will enjoy learning about the many achievements of the past year.

Read the 2019/20 Annual Report.

24 November 2020
Category: News