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Meet Teal Support Program Nurse

Nerida has worked as a nurse in a variety of different roles in Australia and the UK including as a palliative care oncology nurse case manager, specialist palliative care oncology nurse, nurse educator and research nurse.  

One of the important roles of an OCA Teal Support Nurse is providing ongoing support when women living with ovarian cancer are not regularly seeing their treating team. The Teal Support Program is a free support service that so many women with ovarian cancer have been waiting for as the program fills gaps in the services currently available.

“I enjoy keeping in touch with the women in the program regularly and being able to help them navigate the health care system which can sometimes be quite daunting,” she says.

While a big part of being an Ovarian Cancer Nurse is providing advice and relevant information, it is also about providing much needed support.

“It makes me happy to see our women truly value the support OCA can offer them; it makes them feel less isolated and helps us feel like we are providing the support they need. We want them to know that we are there for them,” Nerida says.

Nerida’s role is based on tele-health and working alongside treating institutions to provide holistic support so women in the program do not feel lost or isolated.

“I want women living with ovarian cancer to know that our team of ovarian cancer nurses at OCA are committed to helping them feel supported through their cancer journey. The nurses at the Teal Support Program can help answer any questions they might have about the care they are receiving and advise them on the health care system and on other concerns that are normal to be having when diagnosed with ovarian cancer.”

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to find out how you can join this free program, please call our Helpline or 1300 660 334 (9am – 5pm AEDT), email care@ovariancancer.net.au or visit our website.

To order our Teal Support Brochure or Poster, visit our shop for a hard copy or download a digital copy.

10 November 2020
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