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TerryWhite Chemmart elevated to a Principal Partner


With an aligned vision to fight against Australia's deadliest women's cancer, Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) and Australia's leading pharmacy network, TerryWhite Chemmart (TWC), announce a milestone donation of $322,000 and the elevation of TWC to a Principal Partner of OCA.

Record-Breaking Support: TWC Donates $322,000 to Ovarian Cancer Australia 

TerryWhite Chemmart announces a donation of $322,000 for the 2022/23 financial year, solidifying their role as a Principal Partner and ensuring continued support for those impacted by ovarian cancer. 

This was achieved with the support of the community, 550+ TerryWhite Chemmart Network Partner pharmacies, and TWC’s strong network of supplier partners, along with a series of impactful initiatives. These efforts included pharmacy fundraisers, the sale of teal ribbons and pens, and a special fundraising gala night during their annual Pharmacist educational program, Masterclass.

TWC and their strong partnerships with their supplier partners resulted in 50 cents being donated from the sale of over 100 products during a six-month period—an ongoing commitment that will make a significant difference.

Empowering Change: OCA Elevates TWC to Principal Partner Status

In recognition of the TerryWhite Chemmart contribution, Ovarian Cancer Australia elevates their partnership status from a Major Partner to a Principal Partner. This signifies the pivotal role TWC plays, strengthening the collaboration to address the pressing challenges posed by this disease.

CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia, Jane Hill, says, “With their extensive reach and commitment to caring for their local communities, the TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy network can amplify our message and provide invaluable support to women and families affected by ovarian cancer. By combining resources and expertise, both organisations are making a positive impact on women's health nationwide."

Making a Lasting Impact: Innovative Fundraising Efforts and Community Engagement 

The TerryWhite Chemmart commitment extends beyond financial contributions, as they actively volunteer at ovarian cancer events. Their holistic involvement displays their dedication to the mission of OCA and their commitment to making a lasting impact.

"We are thrilled to see our partnership grow with Ovarian Cancer Australia and stand by their side in the fight against ovarian cancer," says TerryWhite Chemmart Executive General Manager, Nick Munroe.

"By leveraging our extensive network of pharmacies and healthcare professionals, we have a unique opportunity to educate and reach out to women across Australia. Together, we can make a difference by increasing awareness and ensuring that families affected have the support and information they need."

A Call to Action: Purchase with Purpose to Save Lives  

With three women losing their lives to ovarian cancer every day, and approximately 70% experiencing a recurrence within three years, Ovarian Cancer Australia and TerryWhite Chemmart urge for support to change these statistics.

When visiting a TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy and shopping for your favourite brands, keep an eye out for the 50c OCA symbol. This symbol indicates that the product’s supplier has committed to donating 50 cents on behalf of your purchase, which adds up quickly to ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

Visit your nearest TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy, where their friendly team is ready to support you. Your small purchase has the power to make a big difference to people living with Australia's deadliest women’s cancer. Head in-store and shop with purpose today.

For more information and interview requests, contact: 

Emma Kelly | 0419 955 158 | emma.kelly@ovariancancer.net.au 




27 July 2023
Category: Media Releases