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Domenica's story and recipes for a low-fibre diet

Domenica's story

“In December 2021, I started to have intermittent pain for 2 weeks on my left side. I thought nothing of it as I'd been through menopause, hadn't been losing weight, my appetite was the same and my bloated stomach I put down to being postmenopausal. However, when the pain in my stomach was constant for 2 days, I knew something wasn't right so I decided to visit my GP. He ran blood tests which found my CA125 levels to be elevated and an ultrasound showed a growth on each ovary. I was referred to a Gynaecological oncologist.

In the meantime, I was also diagnosed with breast cancer, so the laparoscopy to further investigate the growth on my ovaries was pushed back until surgeons removed the lump in my breast. After recovering from the breast surgery, I went ahead with the laparoscopy and remember waking up after the surgery thinking everything was okay until I was advised that I had Stage 3 low-grade serous ovarian cancer. After being in denial, I decided to make the best of what was handed to me.

I needed to adjust to a low-fibre diet after surgery and found my 8 years of working for the Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks to come in handy. My medical oncologist suggested that I contact OCA to share these recipes so I can help other women going through what I was about to embark on post-op when it came to food.

What has helped me the most in my recovery is eating fresh, wholesome food, being outdoors as much as possible and exercising. Having a supportive network of family and friends has also helped immensely. 

I hope these recipes help you as they have helped me.” 


Domenica's recipes

Please note that everyone will have different nutritional needs and it's important to seek guidance from your treating team and an Accredited Practising Dietitian to ensure these recipes are appropriate for you. These recipes have been approved by our Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian Lauren Atkins for a modified-fibre diet.

OCA's Exercise and Nutrition Program

Our new exercise and nutrition program provides you with access to an exercise physiologist and a dietitian with oncology expertise. They will be able to develop personalised plans for you based on your individual needs and circumstances. This program is funded by Dry July.

For more information, please contact our ovarian cancer nurses on 1300 660 334 (business hours), email exercisenutrition@ovariancancer.net.au or fill out for the form on our exercise and nutrition program page.

30 September 2022
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