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This November, I'm going the distance to support women with ovarian cancer.

I'm going to run 5km EACH week in addition to my normal workouts.... I normally only run after the ice cream truck so this is a BIG DEAL! I totally have a bad case of the runs.

5km is a lot for little old me with basic ASICS.

I might even do 1km holding some scissors to spice it up.

If you see me collapse pause my fitbit!!

All donations are greatly appreciated. Big or small!

My Updates

30 Nov 2020

I've run my final 5km. I got my a new PB thanks to some incentive by one of my sponsors.

Thanks everyone. I've raised far more than I ever expected, my first fund-raising goal was $200!

I'm totes a small time Celest Barber!

23 Nov 2020

Another 5km run done. I had my friend join me. One more to go.

So thankful for all these amazing donations.

16 Nov 2020

I've run my third 5km run... to be honest it was 4.92km as I changed up my route and fell short of 5km. I attempted a 5km run the day before but my GPS tracker didn't work which is why i redid my run... I'd say I ran close to 10km over the weekend. #vomit #doingitfortheladies

2 to go!

09 Nov 2020

I've run my 2nd 5km run. 2 down, 3 to go.
Thank you again to everyone for your support!!!!

01 Nov 2020

I've run my first of 5 x 5km runs. I hated every minute. Why anyone runs to relieve stress i don't understand.... id much rather eat.

I'm not ovary-acting. I am so grateful and gobsmacked by everyone generously donating. Thank yoooooouuuuuu.