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Hair Today, Hope Tomorrow: Emma Louise's Fight


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Dear Supporters,

Our beloved Emma has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, an unexpected hurdle that life has thrown her way at just 30 years old. As we stand by her in this battle, we are launching "Hair Today, Hope Tomorrow: Emma Louise's Fight" to raise awareness.

Emma wakes up each day with the uncertainty of the journey ahead. Will it be a day of strength, or a day when sickness takes over? She confronts these challenges head-on with resilience and a spirit that inspires us all.

One of the most visible symbols of her fight is the loss of her hair due to chemotherapy. As a profound act of empathy and unity, several supporters, including family and friends, will be shaving their heads in solidarity with Emma. We do this not only to stand with Emma but to raise awareness and show our collective strength in this fight against ovarian cancer.

Join us in this journey. Every shaved head, every short haircut, every donation, every shared story, every positive thought, and prayer make a world of difference. Let's rally together to show Emma that she's not alone - not now, not ever.

Thank you for standing with us, with Emma, as we face down this challenge together.

Your gift of any size makes a meaningful contribution to Ovarian Cancer’s work, saving lives and supporting women.

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22 Jul 2023

Thank you for your kind words, well wishes, and generous donations.

Today, 22/07, we bear witness to a profound act of courage and love. Emma and her mum will be shaving their heads, an emotionally charged step on this journey. As we watch, tears welling up, we can't help but admire their strength and resilience. Thank you all for your continued support