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This November, I’ve committed to moving (running, walking, swimming & cycling) a total of 500km during the month to support the 5 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer each day in Australia. I am one of the lucky few to have reached the magical 5 year clear mark. More research still is required to find an early detection test and those women dealing with this horrible disease need and deserve as much support as possible. Please support me yet again with this amazing fundraiser! Any amount will be greatly appreciated 😀

My Updates

29 Nov 2022

Tuesday 29th November
Final 5km run/walk this morning to finish off my 500km!! Stolked with how generous people have been this time around!! Thankyou 💙💙💙🤘👌

28 Nov 2022

Monday 28th November
5km run/walk and 5km ride this morning. 495km done & dusted!! 💙💙💙🤘

28 Nov 2022

Sunday 27th November
Only a 5km ride today due to sporting commitments. 15km to go!! 💙 💙💙👌

26 Nov 2022

Saturday 26th November
20km ride today. Only 20km to go!! Woo hoo!!! 💙💙

25 Nov 2022

Friday 25th November
Another 10km this morning and only 40km to finish off 💙💙

24 Nov 2022

Thursday 24th November
20km on the bike this morning. Only 50km to go!! 💙💙

23 Nov 2022

Wednesday 23rd November
We did it!! We reached $4000 raised!!! 5km walk/run & 5km ride this morning. So happy!! 💙💙🤘👌🌞

22 Nov 2022

Tuesday 22nd November
Body was feeling weary after netball last night, so just a 10km on the bike this morning. Only 80km to go!! 💙💙

21 Nov 2022

Monday 21st November
A nice little 10km to take me to double digits. Only 90km to go!! 💙💙

20 Nov 2022

Sunday 20th November
15km bike & 5km through the pouring rain this arvo! Reached 400km!!! Woohoo!! 🎉🎉💙💙👌

19 Nov 2022

Saturday 19th November
Only 120km to go!! Happy days 💙💙😀🤘

18 Nov 2022

Friday 18th November
What a day to be alive!! 5km & 10km this morning. Only 135km to go!!💙💙💙

17 Nov 2022

Thursday 17th November
Another 15km ride today. Stolked to reach 350km!! On the home stretch now 💙💙

17 Nov 2022

Wednesday 16th November
5km walk & 10km ride this morning 🌞💙💙

15 Nov 2022

Tuesday 15th November
Half way and another 20km bike. Only 180km to go!! 💙💙

14 Nov 2022

Monday 14th November
Only 200km to go!!! Another 20km this morning and nearly $3800 raised!!! 💙💙🤘

13 Nov 2022

Sunday 13th November
Another 20km to catch me up after a few days camping at the beach. Happy to have reached 280km! 💙💙🌞

13 Nov 2022

Saturday 12th November
Another 5km with my favourite people in a beautiful location. 260km done 💙💙

11 Nov 2022

My number 1 supporter 💙💙💗

11 Nov 2022

Friday 11th November
Over half way!! 255km down💙💙

10 Nov 2022

Thursday 10th November
Another 20km down. Slowly getting there 💙💙

09 Nov 2022

Wednesday 9th November
23km on the bike this morning. Hit the 200's!! Only 280km to go 💙👌🤘

08 Nov 2022

Tuesday 8th November.
5km walk and 30km bike today. Only 303km to go!! 😉💙

08 Nov 2022

Monday 7th November
Big thanks to the Ovarian Cancer Council for my new cap 💙 Another 25km ride completed. 162km completed!!

06 Nov 2022

Sunday 6th November.
Nice end to the week with 16km bike & a 4km walk today. 137km done ✔️

05 Nov 2022

Saturday 5th November.
Big day trying to get out more kms..30km bike & 4km walk. 117km done and dusted this week!!

04 Nov 2022

Friday 4/11
Today's efforts! 83km down 👌

04 Nov 2022

Thursday 3/11/2022

02 Nov 2022

Yesterday's efforts 👌

02 Nov 2022

28km down! Strava is not counting my spin bike efforts, so I will have to upload pics. Happy Wednesday 😊

01 Nov 2022

Wet start to the Workout for Women today 🌧 15km on my spin bike to kick my 500km off!