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Team Jude/ Kerry B, Cate Cail, lorraine W, Anna R, Val E, kelly B, Kerry B, Deb Y, Deb M, Chris Tholstrup, leanne Mc, kara B,Cate C, Bec W, Sarah B


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I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in late April 2021. I've committed to walk 4km a day to support the 4 women diagnosed each day in Australia with ovarian cancer. Please consider donating to my cause.

My Updates

30 Nov 2021

Awesome finish .

29 Nov 2021

Enjoying our walks. Any attention we receive that raises awareness will be wonderful. All donations help. No woman should feel alone.

26 Nov 2021

Walking for myself and all the other women diagnosed daily. No women should feel alone.

18 Nov 2021

No one should feel alone .

16 Nov 2021

Walking to help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of OVC so we can diagnose this devastating disease earlier.

14 Nov 2021

My cousin visited me today and came for a walk with me. So nice to walk with someone. She also gave me her 30 kms bike ride to add to my 4 km walk today.

12 Nov 2021

Not feeling great today. With the help of the team we still put in the kms. 16.1 kms today.

10 Nov 2021

13.7 kms from team plus 2 kms from me . Mu walking friends today.

10 Nov 2021

6.7 kms tonight and none from me. 😬
Back at it tomorrow. Thanks to my team for support and walking.

08 Nov 2021

3.61 for me
3 k from Deb
3.2 k from Kerry
9.8 ks woo hoo. Thank you so much .

08 Nov 2021

Walked tonight and realised the difference in how i feel both physically and mentally. I am feeling So much stronger. Not as much puffing. Evening walks help me feel calm and i find i sleep better as well. Feel so much pride to be walking for my health and to help raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer. After my shock diagnosis also finding that i was Stage 3. I feel determined to help raise awareness of this devastating disease.

06 Nov 2021

7.8 kms from my wonderful team, i hope your enjoying walking. I managed 2.12 kms today. Loving walking for my health and also to raise awareness for OVC.

04 Nov 2021

With the help of Team Jude we walked 11 kms today. Walking for Women diagnosed with OVC .💪⭐️✨👍🙋‍♀️🙏

03 Nov 2021

Please consider donating to our cause. Walking for OVC so no woman feels alone .

02 Nov 2021

With the combined efforts (6.83 kms today )of a few people in my team, I'm proud to say we are walking for OVC.

01 Nov 2021

So in the end i did 3.47 today. 3 1/2 from Lorraine and 1 from Kara. 8 kms 🙋‍♀️💪🤩🚶🏻‍♀️Please consider donating to my cause. Walking for the 4 women diagnosed each day with ovc.🙏

01 Nov 2021

Today i managed 0.7 of a km. Thanks to Lorraine for walking 3 1/2 kms and Kara for 1 km also me for 0.7. We got the job done. 💪✨🙋‍♀️⭐️ Thanks for your support.

31 Oct 2021

Im happy, plus lorraine’s 2 1/2 kms makes it just over 5 1/2. 🚶🏻‍♀️💪✨⭐️🙋‍♀️

31 Oct 2021

I have found my personalised support has helped me realise its ok to reach out for help and to be gentle on myself.

31 Oct 2021

Going to try to get up my kms in shorter bursts today. Aim for 3 kms anyone walking please remember to throw me a half km here or there. So i can make up my 4 km each day .

30 Oct 2021

Any kms to add to make it 🚶🏻‍♀️4 kms.🙏

30 Oct 2021

Anyone else in team got any kms to add please? This is 1.9 kms .

29 Oct 2021

Walking as much as i can, bit more stamina today on the Steroids. Had trouble with phone apps, Now have a Fitbit for better monitoring.. bring it on.

25 Oct 2021

Getting in some practise, this took me ages because i kept talking to people along the way. At least it was fun. I think i will be anle to tackle the 4 kms.