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 Judith with her daughter Stacey

"You never know how you will cope with the diagnosis of something like ovarian cancer until it happens to you. No-one wants a cancer diagnosis of any kind, but for some reason, I most feared ovarian cancer. But there you go... I am now on my third diagnosis since 2017.

My daughter Stacey – she is 41 and has Down syndrome – is very aware of my cancer experience. She asked me early in my treatment to reassure her that I would beat this awful disease. “I’ll do my best, Stacey,” I remember telling her. 

While I’m quite optimistic, I’ll admit that each doctor’s visit triggers anxiety, as I worry what the test results might reveal. Twice I’ve been elated to hear I’m cancer free, only to find out down the road that the cancer has returned. I’ve been through three rounds of chemo and lost my hair during two of those treatments. It’s been quite a roller coaster! 

That is why I am so relieved I can turn to Ovarian Cancer Australia at every step of the way. My Ovarian Cancer nurse is a lovely lady called Rosetta. She rings me regularly to check in on me, and she is amazing! It is such a comfort to be able to talk to her and ask any questions I have about my treatment. And I’ve had quite a few over the years. 

When I was invited to share my story, I was happy to do so. Because Ovarian Cancer Australia is the only organisation directly supporting women like me."

Your donation today will help ensure we can continue to provide critical support services to all women facing ovarian cancer.

I will donate now to help ensure that women like Judith will never have to walk alone.   

Free and holistic support services

Rosetta, Judith's nurse

There are many more women just like Judith who desperately need your help. That’s because, every day in Australia, five women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and three will die from the disease.

But demand is high for Ovarian Cancer Australia's services and with the end-of-financial year around the corner, we are facing a funding shortfall. This will place some of our critical support services at risk.

Please donate today so that Ovarian Cancer Australia can continue to provide free and holistic support services that are not available anywhere else in Australia.

Free Resilience Kits are provided to all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

Every time you donate to Ovarian Cancer Australia, you stand in solidarity with women living with ovarian cancer. You become an extension of their support network and your generosity has a real impact on their lives in a very meaningful way. So please, give generously to ensure women like Judith will never have to walk alone.

Judith with her husband, John, and their daughter Stacey.


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