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Take on cancer in your undies

Cancer. It’s scary, uncomfortable and when it comes to the ovarian kind, still hardly spoken about. That’s why we’re challenging Aussies to step up and take on ovarian cancer together, in their undies. Let’s use the facts to support the fight. Let’s be loud, let’s be heard.

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“Like many others during the depths of Melbourne’s lockdown, I had taken to daily exercise as a way of coping. Even with all this hard work, I felt like my stomach was protruding further than ever before. The pain and discomfort grew severe enough that my GP advised me to go straight to emergency,” said Emma.

In the following days, Emma received a call from her gynecologist and to her disbelief, she was told she had a 13cm tumour on her right ovary, a smaller tumour on her left ovary and a smattering of small implants throughout her abdomen.

“When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was in a state of pure shock. The thought of cancer never once crossed my mind, I was only 26 years old and certain it would be a cyst or endometriosis. There's so little awareness and information out there, I'd never even heard of the illness before I was diagnosed.

“It's incredibly daunting to be a part of a big campaign like this, however, I know that it’s so important for women like me to be represented in this way. I want to be a part of pushing this conversation forward, however scary that may be,” Fitzgerald said.

“For me, fighting cancer is such a raw, vulnerable experience. Kind of similar to being out in your underwear in public."

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Ovarian cancer is Australia’s deadliest female cancer, with a five-year survival rate of just 48%. In comparison, the five-year survival rate for women with breast cancer is 92%.

All funds raised from the sale of teal undies will go to Ovarian Cancer Australia , allowing us to continue to advocate for people impacted by ovarian cancer, fight for progress and increased awareness, and deliver practical support and counsel to women living with ovarian cancer.

Each day we work to create better outcomes for women living with ovarian cancer. Read more about our impact.