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Stacee’s appeal - Lift the cloud of isolation

Stacee hopes no woman feels the loneliness she experienced during her diagnosis. And they don’t have to. Your tax deductible donation can make an incredible difference.

Thank you for your support of this campaign - together we have raised over $140,000 for people affected by ovarian cancer!

We must continue to be there for women with ovarian cancer, like Stacee, during these challenging times.

When Stacee was diagnosed with the deadliest female cancer, she was in disbelief. She was urgently booked in for surgery to remove her ovary and fallopian tube and endured months of gruelling chemotherapy and all the side effects that came with it – hair loss, unimaginable pain, constant nausea and fatigue.

“It was all very overwhelming and I had a mental breakdown. I had severe anxiety and ended up in hospital with days of no sleep from stress. Being told that the choice of having children may be taken away was traumatising.

Not having a support network close by at this time made it even harder.”


Like so many others, she felt alone, isolated and completely disconnected.

Right now there are many, many women just like Stacee who are facing ovarian cancer without that familiar sense of community – no friends popping over, no face-to-face meetings, no physical contact. 

Everything has changed – is still changing. 

And with that uncertainty comes heightened feelings of loneliness and fear. 

That’s why it’s more important than ever to reach out and connect with women who are in isolation. To provide accurate, up-to-date information. To ease their fears and provide reassurance.

Women like Stacee are the reason we exist. We hope to always be there to support those during the toughest time of their lives. We hope you will, too.

Please donate today so we can keep our vital services open for women like Stacee during these challenging times.

If you prefer not to give online you may also give over the phone, via a cheque in the mail or via bank transfer.

Donate by phone 1300 660 334

Donate by mail Level 1, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 

Donate by bank transfer

Account Name: Ovarian Cancer Australia Ltd

BSB: 083 417

ACN: 79 138 0811