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Resilience kit

Resilience - a free guide and personal record for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

"I was shocked and scared when I found out I had ovarian cancer. Everything in my life instantly changed, but this guide helped me put some order and structure back in my life" - Carmel

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Family and friends are an important part of every woman's journey with ovarian cancer.

Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer is a difficult time for women and for her family and friends.

Family and friends of women with ovarian cancer need to know:

  • How important they are to the woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
  • How to communicate and what they can do to help.
  • What not to do. 
  • How to care for themselves during this difficult time.

Ovarian Cancer Australia offers a range of support services for carers, family and friends of women with ovarian cancer.

Family & friends booklet

This booklet provides helpful, practical advice for family and friends and includes personal insights from women living with ovarian cancer. Download the booklet here or contact us and we will send you a copy.

Online Forum

Ovarian Cancer Australia's online forum has a section for family and friends to share their personal stories and useful information with one another in a secure online environment.  The online forum is a great place to get connected with people in a similar situation without the formalities and in the comfort of your own home.

Ovarian Cancer Australia encourages all family and friends of women with ovarian cancer to register for the online forum.  To ask one another questions and learn from one another how you can better support your loved one and yourself.

Click here to be taken to our online forum.

Personal Stories

Photo Christine

My name is Christine and I’m 22, living in Perth, Western Australia. I also have been diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer. In January 2012,  I went to the doctor after two months of...

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Elizabeth photo

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June 2009 in my early 40s after my GP initially thought I had early menopause. I insisted it was something more and an ultrasound revealed a massive cyst on...

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In March 2010, my husband Mark and I set off on a trip to Italy, France and England to re-trace a trip of 30 years earlier. It was a prize in a raffle.  I felt very well when we left except...

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Personal Story


My name is Ilka and in May 2011 I began a journey that didn’t result in a holiday or a job...

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